Inherent Differences of the Astonishing Similar

There can be similarities between two things or two persons but never sameness. For example, even when they have so much morphological similarities that make them not easily distinguishable physically, identical twins have two physical marks: retina and fingerprints whose scrutiny can reveal their individual identity, hence, uniqueness. Uniqueness is the nature’s way of tellingContinue reading “Inherent Differences of the Astonishing Similar”

Economic Perils of Gargantuan Proportions – The Great Suppression

It is for the first time in the modern era that the world is facing economic downturn due to an unconventional economic reason. We had witnessed conventional economic downturns like the Great Depression of 1929 and the Recession of 2008. Both resulted in the collapse of the world economy in varying degrees and wreaked havocContinue reading “Economic Perils of Gargantuan Proportions – The Great Suppression”

COVIDian Reflections: Nature Does When Man Refuses to Do

Many of you would have heard about the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It was an agreement under the guidance of the United Nations to cut down global greenhouse gas emissions to keep the increase in atmospheric temperature below 2 °C above the pre-industrial levels, with a long-term goal of making it 1.5 °C. TheContinue reading “COVIDian Reflections: Nature Does When Man Refuses to Do”

COVIDian Reflections – Behavioral Changes

A fine morning during the Corona lockdown! The secretary of a housing society of around 70 people in Cochin, Kerala, India, sent a message to the society’s WhatsApp group, telling those who needed vegetables to list out their requirements. A steady stream of messages from the members followed, which the secretary quickly tabulated and forwardedContinue reading “COVIDian Reflections – Behavioral Changes”