The worlds of Our World

Quite often we come across the following kinds of pop-ups in our social interactions: be practical, be realistic, you are living in an idealistic world, etc. We unavoidably traverse through three different worlds in our life. ideal world, practical world and real world. 

Ideal world is that part of our daily dwelling where we wish to have our ideals to drive us while dealing with various issues that come up in life. Ideal is a principle or a set of principles that you keep close to your heart and consider them as the guiding spirit of your life. Ideal can also be read as I-deal. Hence, an Ideal world is that which has value systems with which you can identify yourself through your principles. It is extremely difficult to live through our idealistic world because the dynamics of the bigger world do not give enough space for it. Let’s not confuse ideal with ideological. Ideological is being wedded to an ideology whose aim has a broader, worldly cause and appeal. Ideals are intrinsic to a person, so it is personal while ideological has linkage to external so is social. 

Practical world demands us to behave in a certain way which has a precedent but with our volition. It is the world that has set norms and standards to do things in a ‘certain way,’ and these norms and standards are indicators of the practicality as shaped by the society over the years. Living in a practical world can be a bane as well as a boon. It can be a bane as it limits you to a comfort zone of set dos and don’ts,hence, highly likely inhibits you from branching out and finding new, efficient ways of doing things. It is a boon, for it gives a proven and successful but not necessarily efficient way of doing things.

Real world offers freedom to tailor-make the way we want to deal with various issues in life without the need to tread the historical paths. In other words, real world offers unconditional freedom to an individual to use his/her intelligence and wisdom to navigate through life. However, operational part of this freedom can be subjected to influence by external forces that can be either innocuous or inimical. Let’s  look at these forces in detail.

Our decisions ought to be based on reasoning, thus, not putting our volition, the willingness to act, to undue test. But our volition will be severely tested when real world gets spiced up with vested interests and spin-doctors whose deceptively convincing explanations can influence our thoughts to the extent that our views and perceptions — contributors to volition — get changed without our conscious reckoning. We all can probably take correct decisions if enough lead time is given to act when an issue or problem pops up in our life  However, when put to an impromptu situation, many fail to respond with correct decisions. This is where it is easier for spin-doctors and vested interests to play their games to manipulate our thinking, thereby putting huge pressure on our volition. 

How do we cordon ourselves from such inimical forces?  We need to realize that except against truth, there is a shadow running parallel to anything and everything in life. Vested interests play in this shadow and try to make us believe that the shadow is the real thing. How far we are capable of succumbing to or successfully resisting such shadowy-manipulation depends on our ability to see the fact of the matter. 

But we also come across good people in real world. How do we identify them? In  a discussion, if a person unknowingly loses his/her diplomatic cover and starts to talk from the heart, then pay good attention to that person’s words as those words will possibly have the truths and facts that you are looking for.

Life  is more realistic than practical though we wish to have an idealistic life. It is all but possible to have an idealistic life as most part of our life goes through either practical or real worlds or both, out of which real world is the one that we confront more often. Hence, in order to survive in this world, we need to be not only practical but also sensitized to the merits and demerits of real world. 

A life without ideals is a life not worth living. “For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul,” the Holy Bible says. So we ought to make our ideals a part of our real world as much as possible even when we are not able to fully do justice to our ideals. A day without learning something is a day less lived. And our ideals are the foundation on which this learning accrues on. Live a life not succumbing to the norms and standards set by the society, branch out and create your own world by fighting it out in the real wold without losing your ideals. “Do not follow the footsteps, create your own milestones.” ~ Steve Jobs

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  1. This is something deep to ponder. Initially as we go thro’ it appears too as a deceptively convincing explanation but gradually your telling goes realistic & takes us into deep thinking.

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