A Possible Way to “Nothing is Impossible”

You would have used this adage, “Nothing is impossible” at least once in your life; I did it many a time. What do these three words mean? A straight answer: Everything is possible. But if you think a bit more, you will get a better answer that there is no problem which evades a solution. We use this adage as a self-assuring encouragement when we confront seemingly insurmountable situations or to motivate others to overcome uphill tasks. However, these three words, especially impossible, open the gate to a much deeper thinking and understanding. Can you think this way that I love impossibles because they are my window to new opportunities to progress in life? 

Impossibles offer a hitherto unexplored future value. But how do we unlock this future value?  Or, what is there inside?

Impossibles that offer future value? Impossibles are not impediments but triggers and reasons for innovations. Possible comes with a solution while impossible comes with ways to a solution that is yet to be found. Unless we find those ways, we can not overcome impossible. In other words, impossibles put break on our natural course and force us to change the course. But if we confront impossibles head-on, our mind will start to innovate to find ways to overcome impossibles. For this to happen, it is, however, inevitable to develop a mindset that sees impossibles as positive hurdles which come in our way to kindle our thoughts and unleash their potential to explore hitherto unexplored areas of our mind. How to develop such a mindset? Let me explain it with an example of a famous dream that made immense contributions to Organic Chemistry, resulting in the inventions of many medicines that save precious lives.

August Kekule, German chemist, discovered the benzene ring structure in a dream in which he saw a snake biting its own tail. For days and months preceding this dream, he was not able to arrive at the fact that carbon atom can bond with itself, so the following remained as impossible before him: how six carbon atoms — carbon has incongruent bonding-valency with hydrogen —  can bond with six hydrogen to form benzene?  This stood  as a wall before him. So, how the dream that revealed the structure had happened?  

If we keep a problem —  an impossible that we are not able to crack —  in the active frame of mind, over a period of time, our mind will reveal an answer to that problem. Active frame of mind is that part of our conscious mind where thoughts connected with daily routines happen, and this part of the mind works out various permutations and combinations to solve problems that come up in our daily life. Bring your impossible to this active frame of mind and let it be there — this is a conscious action which demands your deliberate thinking. As time passes, your active frame of mind will keep the problem in an active state of thinking, and at some point of time, your mind will reveal the answer to that problem — impossible becomes possible. Kekule kept the question: how six carbon atoms — carbon has incongruent bonding-valency with hydrogen —   can bond with six hydrogen to form benzene in his active frame of mind, resulting in revealing to him that carbon atom can bond with itself through the dream of a snake biting its own tail — carbon bonding with itself.

I have experienced revealing of answers to many impossibles that I faced whenever I kept them in my active frame of mind. I, still, practice it, and many of the thoughts that I expressed through my blog page and other social media like fb were the results of this practice. Be happy when you confront an impossible, for an expert has arrived to set your mind on fire to clear the way for a new path. Welcome impossibles with open arms as they are here to open the doors of possibles in you for a better future.  Let “Nothing is impossible” be dearer!

7 thoughts on “A Possible Way to “Nothing is Impossible”

  1. It’s a wonderful phrase but it can also be a curse. For instance, people who pursue things which they do not wish to do and are unable to do carry on doing it by saying “nothing is impossible.” This can be seen in students who pursue streams like engineering or medicine despite having no interest in the subject, nor ability, but talent in another field, which is often neglected as they convince themselves that nothing is impossible.

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  2. How does your big boss manage you? Having a maverick in a team is quite challenging. With an innovative thinking & an ability to look at the big large picture, they see light even in the dark & remote areas, they don’t necessarily toe the line many times unless it’s fit into their attitude. You’re a free thinker & seeks freedom in your thoughts & action. Your big boss should be that dynamic & accomodative or inspiring to you??

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